"A Light-Hearted And Enjoyable Night Out"- Theatre Review: The Clothes They Stood Up In @ Nottingham Playhouse

Mr and Mrs Ransome return from a night at the opera to find their home has been robbed (or is it burgled?). Every single one of their possessions – gone. From the light fittings, to the ‘sticky chicken casserole’ on the stove. But how did this happen, and who could have done such a thing? The audience follows the couple through unravelling the mystery of the missing belongings, while revealing hidden meanings to their relationship. Isabelle Hunter reviews. Adrian Scarborough and Sophie Thompson

''All The Cast And Crew Deserve Huge Praise'' - Theatre Review: Punk Rock @ NNT

A play about a group of school kids taking their A Levels in Stockport turns dark when mixed with raging hormones and exam stress. Nottingham New Theatre’s performance of Simon Stephens Punk Rock had the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. Isabelle Hunter reviews. ”You have to see this play,” is what I told my housemates after seeing Punk Rock at the NNT. I came away gasping for air whilst laughing and crying; an undeniably incredible production that left every audience member shaki

Live Review: Thomas Headon @ Rough Trade

After the highly anticipated release of his EP Victoria, Thomas Headon took to the stage at Nottingham’s Rough Trade on March 16th to perform his much-loved tracks. Isabelle Hunter reviews. Headon’s music rose to popularity during lockdown 2020, primarily on TikTok, and it’s clear his audience have continued the journey with him ever since. The pre-show playlist consisted of purely TikTok trending tracks, including lots of Doja Cat, in which the audience knew every move. It felt like the intern

Interview: KAWALA On Their Debut Album ‘Better With You’ And Their Current Record Store Tour

After their acoustic gig at Rough Trade in Nottingham to celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Better With You,’ Isabelle Hunter sat down with Daniel McCarthy from KAWALA to discuss their current record store tour, musical inspirations, and favourite tracks from the album. Buzzing from just finishing their acoustic gig at Rough Trade, McCarthy started by telling me their schedule for the record store tour, explaining they’ve performed at two or three different venues per day. Despite bein

''I Felt Instantly At Home With This Audience'' - Live Review: KAWALA @ Rough Trade

KAWALA are a British indie-folk band, formed in 2017 when Jim Higson (vocals) and Daniel McCarthy (vocals and guitar) met as students in Leeds. From then on, the band expanded with Reeve Coulson on bass, Dan Lee on electric guitar and Ben Batten on drums. On March 7th, the group performed an acoustic set in Nottingham’s Rough Trade to celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Better With You.’ Isabelle Hunter Reviews. Upon entering the venue, I knew this would be a show to remember. From firs

Interview: Michael Aldag

We all know his voice from TikTok, but his raw and beautifully unique songs bring a whole new level to Michael Aldag. After releasing his brand new track Ghosted, Izzy Hunter sat down with the singer and songwriter after a live session on the University of Nottingham campus to discuss all things music, social media, and live shows. “I started singing when I was seven years old, I had a solo in the nativity as a shepherd singing Silent Night.” Aldag explained as he described his musical journey

Interview: Orla Gartland

Born and bred in Dublin, Orla Gartland started posting covers and originals on YouTube at the age of 14. Now, we can see how her music has blossomed over the years into a unique and captivating sound, with her debut album ‘Woman on the Internet’ set to mark a poignant moment in her career. Izzy Hunter caught up with the singer-songwriter in the build up to the album’s release. “She was written in accidentally!” Gartland muses when asked about the title of the album. “[The woman on the internet]

Interview: Scouting For Girls On Lockdown Antics And Falling Back In Love With Music

Roy Stride, from indie-pop hit-makers Scouting For Girls who have captivated the hearts of millions across the globe, talks lockdown hobbies, new albums, and touring after a year of Zooms and drive-through shows. “It’s fun, and a bit stupid, which is pretty much Scouting For Girls all over.” Stride describes their brand-new album Easy Cover (a fantastic play-on-words from the classic 80’s hit Easy Lover) as a “tonic to last year, a form of escapism for 2020” while flashing the eccentric neon pi

Interview: Palace

From the dingy back-rooms of converted South London pubs to a cataclysmic sold-out show at the famed Camden Roundhouse, the drifty, introspective lulls of alt stalwarts Palace have become a staple of indie playlists the world over. In the wake of a brand new EP, Isabelle Hunter talked lockdown listens and live show evolution with the band’s enigmatic frontman, Leo Wyndham. Four years on from the dazzling debut record So Long Forever, London indie heavyweights Palace are continuing to dominate t

"A Brilliantly Entertaining Production"- Theatre Review: Shrek The Musical @ Theatre Royal

Carlton Operatic Society’s production of Shrek The Musical is an all-singing, all-dancing comedy adaptation from Dreamwork’s Shrek. Nottingham Theatre Royal was buzzing with excitement before the spectacular show, and it certainly did not disappoint. Izzy Hunter reviews. Having seen the West End production nearly 10 years ago, I entered the theatre with some expectations about how the night would pan out, but I was blown away by the professionalism of Carlton Operatic Society. The similarities

Our 6 Favourite Tessa Violet Moments

We have a huge Crush when it comes to Tessa Violet. Words Ain’t Enough to describe how much we admire her! You won’t get Bored when it comes to her music, and you definitely won’t have any Bad Ideas when watching her content. (Okay, okay, we’ll stop…) Tessa’s brought us a lot of fun over the years. From YouTube vlogger to pop star sensation, we just can’t get enough of her. In fact, we love her so much that we’ve decided it was about time we were Honest with you and shared some of our Tessa-the

These are the best Notts Uni meme pages to see you through Tier 3

Ahhhh, meme pages. Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere on social media. But what’s better than your average niche meme page? A UoN related meme page. From Gemma Collins to sleeping students, we’re all for it. So here’s our top picks for which Notts Instagram meme pages you need to be following to get you through Tier 3. A cheeky post-sesh nap with the classic chunder bucket next to them, versus napping in Hallward library, @uon_dreamstream are most definitely up there with our top meme p

Every type of girl you’ll see on Tinder during lockdown in Notts

Picture this: You’re stuck in your uni house with your mates, just finishing up the fifth sesh of the week and you’re running out of ideas to keep yourself entertained during lockdown. Clubs are shut and bars closing their doors at 10. All there is is Tinder; the dating app that lets you meet others at the swipe of a thumb without the possibility of catching Covid. So, here’s a quick summary of all the types of girls you’ll see floating about on the app during lockdown in Notts: Her profile i

How Does TV and Social Media Influence Our Style?

As a society, style, particularly our outfit choices allow us to express ourselves. Dressing a certain way allows us to create a version of ourselves that stands out and reinforces our personality and individuality without saying a word. When we see other people, in terms of our peers or social media stars, their image and look leaves an impression on our mind, making us think about ‘how cool’ their jeans looked or how their colours perfectly complimented each other. Therefore, we aspire to re

Influencers In Dubai: Insensitive Or Unavoidable

Ah, a holiday. It’s what we all dream of in the current circumstances. Jetting off to somewhere hot, sipping a cocktail on the beach while gentle sounds of the sea come crashing in. However, this is the reality for some social media stars. But doesn’t it seem a little …insensitive? The UK has now exceeded the death toll of 100,000 people. This has left over 100,000 families grieving up and down the country, losing a loved one who meant so much to the children and parents of the UK. This figure

Video Spotlight: how am I always motivated?

“I think motivation is the core of focused work and study.” Ruby Granger is well-known for her seemingly constant buzz of motivation and productivity. However, what we want to know is how does she do it? In her new video, Ruby takes us through a step-by-step guide on how to stay motivated, and effectively work smarter while studying, or just being productive in general. Firstly, Ruby gives us tips on how to stay motivated in the long term. She suggests thinking about why we want to be producti

Video Spotlight: I Went On International TV To Find A Stock Photo Model

“Lots of people have been using lockdown to learn German, do a bit of cooking” but not Max… This journey began when Max Fosh was gifted a photo-frame for his new apartment nearly 2 years ago, which included a stock photo of a woman. He decided not to change the photo for sentimental reasons and now, in the current lockdown climate, he’s set out on a search for the “Stock Photo Woman” also known as “Sarah”. Starting off, Max explains how he left the search to his viewers. #FindSarah was created

Video Spotlight: what can we do to make a change?

“Our voices are starting to get heard, but in today’s conversation I wanted to talk about the action.” Aliyah Maria Bee uses her platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement through an open discussion video, addressing what we can do as a community to further the actions and protests against police brutality. The video includes the names of Black people who have lost their lives due to police brutality and racism across the United States and in other countries, including Belly Mujinga, w
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